The Website

Exametry is a digital center for test and career preparation. At Exametry individuals can equip themselves adequately for outstanding success in regular school exams and standardized public tests, particularly NCEE (National Common Entrance Examination), BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination), SSCE (Senior School Certificate Examination), and UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination).


The Tests

Practice tests are Exametry’s main features, and they are available on at least forty different school subjects. Here the practice tests are balanced, standardized, and tailored to the specific test-prep needs of individual students at different levels. For every test taken, the test taker gets a score report and gains access to the test-score leaderboard that displays the top scorers as well as the test solutions which can help boost the test-takers’ relevant knowledge. And what’s more, test-taking records and test-score graphs are generated for every test-taker, with which they can track their test-taking performances.


The Mission

The Exametry Mission is to promote academic and career excellence. To this end, Exametry is designed to assist its users in attaining very high scores in exams that matter to them. Beyond this, Exametry also offers its users the right information and tools for actualizing an outstanding career path. All things considered, the Exametry vision is to assume a one-stop electronic medium for every student or professional that desires excellence – and who are willing to work appropriately for it.


The Team

Exametry is run by a dedicated team whose primary intention is to help you transform your top scholarly and career dreams into reality. As far as your test and career preparation is concerned, the Exametry team is here to serve your best interests, by being your able companion on the road to academic, professional and social fulfillment.

At Exametry we are focused on simplifying each of the steps leading to academic and career excellence. Moreover, we are committed to finding innovative ways of preparing you to do very well in every scholarly test, and more so, in your chosen professional career. You may rest assured that Exametry is founded on sound educational principles and driven by a passion to make all the difference in digital educational solutions. To start with, taking practice test is well known to be a most effective exam technique. By regularly taking practice tests and frequently filling the gaps in your understanding of relevant subjects, you can indeed be perfectly prepared for the real test. Better yet, Exametry offers you the opportunity to achieve this desirable goal without using more time and effort than necessary.

Take full advantage of the various benefits that Exametry offers.